Social media case studies

tesa Lift & Reseal on YouTube

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million?

Perhaps not, but video is certainly an engaging medium. From simple 'how to' demos through to corporate shorts and viral videos, we have produced many programmes over the years. Hosting them via YouTube gives a brand another strand of communication in Social Media. The videos can be referenced from twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest and can be tagged so they are indexed by search engines to support natural search performance.

Hosting video on YouTube also enables you to offer video on your website through an embedded link without compromising server performance.

Huntsman on Twitter

Businesses use twitter to maintain brand and product awareness, without the overhead of a full blown campaign. Used with PR, it can raise awareness and help a business to reach its target audience.

As part of the Huntsman twitter campaign, tweets are agreed in advance, usually linked to other campaign activity. Over the subsequent days and weeks, the tweets are fed out through twitter and response dealt with as they occur. By following key influencers and industry sources, we can ensure that awareness of the company is raised.


A recent entrant to social media, Pinterest allows users to 'pin' images and other webs snippets of interest to their 'Pinboards'. These can be shared with other users, who in turn can 'repin' content to their boards.

Primarily a visual medium, it is ideal for the DIY, craft and hobby projects popular with Araldite® users. We maintain a flow of content, gleaned from our social media and marketing materials, mixing it with other user generated content for a vibrant and stimulating display.

Araldite® on Facebook

Facebook is becoming a significant force in consumer marketing, with brands creating a presence in amongst their users. Users find it easy to comment and contribute on all sorts of topics and it's a great way to garner feedback on product usage and ideas.

As part of the TD facebook service, we monitor mentions of the products and respond to requests and comments. A 'like' on Facebook can become a great PR story - our team can develop ideas with users to create interesting content.

GoAraldite blogs

For GoAraldite we host a user blog, with interesting project stories, facts, hints and tips. This works hand in hand with the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages to create traffic to the website.

Stories for the blog are generated centrally by the agency and are co-ordinated with other on and offline activities to ensure maximum impact with minimum duplication.

The team also participates in special interest blogs and forums to give Araldite® a voice in the user community.

LinkedIn for business

LinkedIn is a well established on-line networking tool, with wide adoption by the business community. Get the etiquette right on LinkedIn and it can be a very effective tool for collaboration and new business opportunities. By active participation in group conversations you can build your credibility and authority.

Now it is possible to build company and brand pages to provide a focus for your communications. We can manage the setup and content of these for you, offering an additional dimension to your online voice.