Catalogue design case studies

Tesco Direct – Catalogue Design

BRIEF: To produce a catalogue for Tesco Direct, including the development of a brand style, which was modern, lively but with a universal appeal.

RESPONSE: Tregartha Dinnie was briefed to produce a proposal for a new, web-based non food operation which was planned by Tesco. Fundamental to this programme was a printed catalogue to compete directly with other non food retailers such as Argos and Woolworths.

Our solution won a five way pitch, part of which was a rigorous consumer panel test. Including artistic direction, design and brand management as well as production of catalogue pages. The agency developed the format, the grid, the style of photography, the navigation and shop identity as well as the typographic style and tone of voice of the publication.

Working with the team, the agency directed the overall synergy between the online offer and the printed page, developing the guidelines for the third party implementation of the design.

Argos – Catalogue Design

BRIEF: Catalogue design and page production.

RESPONSE: Tregartha Dinnie were one of just four Argos roster agencies working to produce the 1500+ page catalogue within a strict time schedule. Producing and managing the production of around 200 pages of the Argos catalogue each season. As well as working on the standard ranges, we contributed substantially to the development of the Argos catalogue design.

The team was responsible for samples management, design, layout, photography, artwork and reprographics. Working to very tight schedules, our designers consistently delivered a high standard of work, on time and within budget.

TOYS’R’US – Birthday Gift Guide

BRIEF: The Toys'R'us Birthday guide is a 64 page mini catalogue mailed out to parents of children on their mailing list.

RESPONSE: Producing a catalogue in 3-4 weeks from line list to press ready data demands a systematic approach, especially when dealing with a large number of product categories, some of which involve third and fourth party licensing approvals.

Producing a piece that also has parent and child appeal demands the very best from our team.

DENTSPLY – First Comprehensive Range Catalogue

BRIEF: Design and produce DENTSPLY's first-ever complete product catalogue, aimed at the private and public sector dental market.

RESPONSE: Tregartha Dinnie created a complete production schedule including briefings with eight product managers and both creative direction and management of photography. We then developed our pitch-winning creative treatment to provide an efficient working template for over 300 products. The catalogue ran to 216 pages and was produced within budget and on time.

Tesco – European Flyers, Posters and POS

BRIEF: To take the Tesco consumer proposition to Eastern Europe, giving due consideration to the difference in market awareness and customer profile.

RESPONSE: Tregartha Dinnie developed a clarity of purpose, offer and style with direct sales proposition for in-store and distributed consumer materials. Project management included responsibility for translation and proof reading in four European languages.

HASBRO – Digital Buyers Guide

BRIEF: To create an online version of the Hasbro Toy trade previews catalogue.

RESPONSE: The original catalogue, produced for the toy fair, was always out of date even before the printed version was delivered. Hasbro UK briefed us to create an online version. The benefits of an online version are obvious - it is always up to date. The challenge was then to produce a printed version which looked as good as a traditional version, but on demand, from the latest content.

Print from html pages is normally vastly different from the screen display, and we developed a series of php plug-ins to take the site data and render it to a pdf file in the correct fonts, with a clean template and sharp images.

The system takes data from the site dynamically and generates a pdf on demand for the user to download.

The overall site was built using a responsive bootstrap template with corporate fonts embedded in the live text.

Aimed at the Toy Trade, the site has gained a wide acceptance and has been featured in the Hasbro Global news pages.

Tesco – Flyers

BRIEF: To design and create a series of flyers that boost sales and awareness of the Tesco Direct brand and to target seasonal consumer buying trends.

RESPONSE: Due to the speed of delivery required from brief to distribution, the agency designed a generic template model that could be used and adapted to suit each issue. The agency, alongside Tesco Media Publishing, created a recognisable, on-brand template and applied seasonal concepts relevant to the individual brief.

Working closely with, the agency pushed for a harder sales technique than has been seen for Tesco and Tesco Direct in order to drive sales on discounted, new or clearance lines.

In return for some outstanding effort and dedication, two of the agency's staff were nominated for Tesco Values Awards.

BABIES’R’US – Sale Leaflets

BRIEF: Tregartha Dinnie won a 
5 way pitch to design, develop and produce frontline catalogues, flyers and promotional literature.

RESPONSE: Babies'R'Us needed a solution for their sale leaflets that enabled rapid and cost effective production, whilst maintaining a high standard of design and focus on the Sale message.

The design system developed by Tregartha Dinnie rationalised and modernised the font palette whilst retaining the 'Babies'R'Us' branding. The layout grids were simplified giving a stronger sales impact.

Variations on the treatment have been created with options on the flashes and the call outs giving pace and variety over the season.

TOYS’R’US – Sale Leaflet

BRIEF: Tregartha Dinnie won a 
5 way pitch to design, develop and produce frontline catalogues, flyers and promotional literature.

RESPONSE: Toys'R'us needed a solution for their sale leaflets that enabled rapid and cost effective production, whilst maintaining a high standard of design and focus on the Sale message.

Tregartha Dinnie introduced a typographic and layout system that emphasised rather than diluting the graphic impact of the pages. With a strong use of the Toys'R'us colour palette the products become the heroes of the page. The performance of these in store and as inserts into national press has been measurable by uplift of sales in store.